Never attempt to arrest a fugitive yourself. These files should not be relied upon for any type of legal action.
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Hoskins, Gregory A Jr.

Ballantine, Delvin C.

Johnson, Samantha

Williams, James E.

Smith, Michael C.


Monongalia County Sheriff's Department
Wanted Persons

November 18, 2014

From pictures above

Hoskins, Gregory A Jr.: LKA: Jacks Auto Lane. Morgantown WV. W/M 5-07 163# Black Hair Brown Eyes DOB: 07/87 Offense: Probation Violation

Ballantine, Delvin C.: LKA: 26th Ave. Columbus OH. B/M 6-02 165# Black Hair Brown Eyes DOB: 08/69 Offense: Failure to Appear

Johnson, Samantha: LKA: Locust Ave. Fairmont WV. W/F 5-04 198# Brown Hair Hazel Eyes DOB: 08/87 Offense: Failure to Appear

Williams, James E.: LKA: Spence St. Fairmont WV. B/M 6-03 180# Black Hair Brown Eyes DOB: 01/71 Offense: Home Confinement Violation

Smith, Michael C.: LKA: Apollo Dr. Morgantown WV. W/M 6-01 196# Brown Hair Brown Eyes DOB: 06/70 Offense: Failure to Appear/Probation Violation

Names (no picture)

Rankin, Heath A.: LKA: Stringon Rd. Carmichaels PA. W/M 5-10 145# Blonde Hair Blue Eyes DOB: 06/81 Offense: Failure to Appear

Harvey, Terry J II:  LKA: Sadler St. Pt. Marion PA. W/M 6-02 230# Blonde Hair Blue Eyes DOB: 02/81 Offense: Failure to Appear

Swan, Aaron: LKA: Beechurst Ave. Morgantown WV. B/M 5-06 150# Black Hair Brown Eyes DOB: 10/94 Offense: Failure to Appear

Collins, Clint: LKA: Irona Ave. Tunnelton WV. W/M 5-09 155# Brown Hair Brown Eyes DOB: 05/87 Offense: Failure to Appear