Law Enforcement Division

Responsibilities of the Sheriff

The law assigns to Sheriffs and their Deputies a wide range of responsibilities, including a variety of functions in the courts, enforcing laws and apprehending criminals, serving criminal and civil process, and transporting prisoners.  And as they county’s population grows, so does the demand on the Sheriff’s Office and its budget.

Court Security and Services

Court Security Administrator Gary White is the Chief Court Bailiff assigned to attend the Circuit Court when it is in session. The Bailiff’s duties include keeping the peace and assisting the judge, witnesses and jury, escorting criminal defendants, calling witnesses, and executing the orders of the court.

Deputy Sheriffs also are required to serve as officers in Magistrate Court, in Family Law Master Court, at parenting classes conducted under the auspices of the Family Law Master, and at commitment proceedings conducted by the Mental Hygiene Commissioner.

Sworn deputies in the Law Enforcement Division are also responsible for serving writs, subpoenas, summons, and other court orders, and processing extraditions.

Law Enforcement

The Office of the Sheriff is the chief law enforcement agency in Monongalia County, charged with enforcing state and county laws and ordinances. 

Among the Sheriff’s duties are the enforcement of traffic laws and accident investigations, and criminal investigations related to a wide variety of offenses including drug possession and trafficking, burglary and larceny, and domestic violence.

Monongalia County deputies regularly cooperate with law officers from other agencies and jurisdictions – including the West Virginia State Police, Department of Natural Resources, and town police – to carry out their enforcement duties.

Incarceration of Prisoners

Individuals awaiting hearings or trial, or who are sentenced to serve time in jail are confined at the Regional Jail in Greenwood, WV.  The Sheriff’s office is responsible for transporting all to and from the Monongalia County Processing/Transport Center.

The Sheriff’s office also is responsible for overseeing the “Home Confinement” program, under which courts may order defendants to restrict their movement to home and work locations as an alternative to serving sentences in the Regional Jail.

Transport of Prisoners

Whenever someone is arrested and held for a hearing or trial, that person is transported to the Regional Jail at Greenwood, WV. Regardless of what agency makes an arrest, the Sheriff’s department is responsible for holding the individual at the county’s detention facility and subsequent transport to Greenwood.

County deputies also are responsible for taking custody of prisoners at any location, near or far, and returning them to Monongalia County.  Deputies routinely travel to other states to pick up and return prisoners.

County Humane Officers and Conservation Officers

Under West Virginia law the Sheriff's department is responsible for enforcing animal humane laws in Monongalia County.  Deputies are required to investigate complaints and to take action to prevent the perpetration or continuation of inhumane treatment of animals.  Failure to do so is cause for removal from office.  County deputies also are empowered to enforce the state’s wildlife and natural
resources conservation laws.